Jas9 was born on July 9th.  Her real name is Jasmine, hence why she changed her name from Jasmine to Jasnine!     

Jasnine graduated from fashion design and that's where she found her love for patterns and fashion illustrations. She started graffiti in 2009 and has been committed to mastering her graffiti techniques ever since! She loves to fuse fashion with graffiti in every project she encounters.   

Jasnine's journey is to inspire everyone she encounters and to encourage young women to choose a life of wellness and positivity. Therefore, she paints inspiring women and beautiful floral patterns. The Jasmin flower is a symbol for love and respect. She wants to inspire people to love and take care of themselves and others.    

Jasnine's goal is to continuously learn new art techniques and master many different styles. She also plans on painting schools in Third world countries and try to inspire children to be focused on their dreams and to indulge in their passions versus indulging in drugs and alcohol.